JVoIP becomes STIR/SHAKEN Compliant
Nobody likes robocallers. Learn about the new STIR/SHAKEN framework and how JVoIP is now compliant.
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Myths about 2FA and VoIP

There are many myths about 2FA and how it relates with VoIP. If you have heard about 2FA and would like to know how it really works with VoIP technology, this article is just for you.

2FA stands for two-factor authentication and it is an industry-wide accepted method of verifying additional...

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If you mix personal with business, think again
It’s a very common scenario. You start a small business and you’re excited about your new business venture. As you know, every startup has costs to consider and phone expenses are one of them. You may have thought, why look into a new business line when I already have a personal mobile line? Also, y...
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Everyone is using WhatsApp - it's easy with JVoIP.
There are more than 2 billion people using WhatsApp in over 180 countries worldwide. This figure is quite staggering! Chances are you are using it everyday. WhatsApp is ranked as the most popular and widely used messaging platform in the world.

We’re not out to compete with WhatsApp. On the contrary,...
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The Pitfalls of Google Voice
You have to admit, Google makes it easy. Quite often, new small business owners and entrepreneurs need cost-effective ways in getting their businesses off the ground. When the question of voice comes up, it’s easy to simply use Google Voice. If you already have a Google account, you may quickly get ...
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Understanding VoIP: How does it work? Why use it?

Voice over Internet Protocol, often shortened to VoIP, is a new and improved method of communication.

It uses the internet to conduct phone calls rather than traditional phone lines, allowing you to continue experiencing high quality phone calls without worrying about the complicated ins and outs of ...

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